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A simple Layered Graphics Interface for the HTML5 Canvas tag

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Stratiscape - Multi-Layer JavaScript/HTML5 Canvas Library

Simple HTML5 Canvas library supporting multiple layers and a drawn object model.


John Resig's Simple JavaScript Inheritance library


MIT License

Written by Matt Palmerlee, Mastered Software

Examples using Stratiscape:

Mouse Hit Test:

Shows how to have multiple offset mouse hit detectors and draw an object on click.


Simple example with two layers, a background box and a foreground of circles bouncing around it.

See article: Stratiscape - A layered approach to HTML5 Canvas drawing on how to create this sample.


Simple example of adding drawn Objects on click to Stratiscape with animations

Pinwheel and Dandelions:

Example of multiple layers drawn independently and mouse interaction.

Projects that use Stratiscape: